We are pleased to offer the finest quality VINYLAST paint.  This high performance coating does not require any pre-treatment or primer. Two coats* will provide a long lasting finish on freshly galvanised ironwork.

VINYLAST is available in matt & gloss black and can be purchased in 1, 5 & 20 litre tins or in 400ml spray cans.

Here are just some of the benefits VINYLAST paints offer:

  • Labour saving – no pre-treatment required
  • Time saving – Non-drip & rapid drying
  • Long lasting – chip resistant
  • Suitable for aluminium
  • Excellent adhesion to freshly hot-dipped galvanised ironwork

VINYGLOSS is specially formulated to give a gloss finish. It can be applied and used in hte same way asVINYLAST except that it may only be used for the final coat.  The first coat(s) should be standardVINYLAST of any colour.  The recommended dry fill thickness remains the same.