Amico – P230 Gate Closer Kit – Save over £500

The AMICO Swing Gate Motor offers installers a great solution for gate automation.  An electromechanical motor that comprises all of CAME’s design experience and technology.  With encoder control of impact forces, coupled with the ZL90 control panel, it makes it possible to install systems which are fully compliant with European standards regarding the maximum impact forces generated by gate movement.  The simple worm drive mechanism is convenient and reliable, capable of opening each leaf up to 1.8 metres and weighing up to 200kg.

Stamped Glass Clamp

A hydraulic 180° self-closing swing gate closer and bearing hinge in one, suitable for gates up to 150kg.


  • Self-closing with opening angle of 180°
  • Easy to open: max 15 Nm of force
  • Closing speed unaffected by temperature changes
  • For left and right opening gates
  • Easy mounting with Quick-Fix
  • For gates up to 150kg max and 1.2m width
  • Bottom hinge included
  • Completely weatherproof
  • To suit a minimum 40m RHS section