1. Prior to installation ensure that all surfaces are clean
  2. Cut channel to length and mitre any angles as required
  3. When fitting the channel you should start from the front and work your way back to the wall or structure
  4. Mark through the fixing holes where you will drill to fix channels. This should be 203.2mm (8”) apart
  5. Drill a fixing hole to give yourself a mark for fixing channel to base
  6. After drilling, ensure that all dust and debris is removed before fastening down
  7. Secure the channel into place using the appropriate fixings, do not completely tighten at this stage, hand tight is sufficient
  8. Use our levelling tool kit to ensure the channel is completely level
  9. Shims should be used to level as required
  10. Tighten all fixings
  11. Once the channel is correctly positioned and secured into place, insert the black part of the dry mount PanelGrip. Spread them evenly, no more than 200mm apart
  12. You can now start to install your glass panels
  13. Position the aluminium part of the PanelGrip opposite the black part and tighten with a 3/16” Allen key
  14. The glass panels should be spaced 30mm apart

Gaps and spacing between glass panels

F.H. Brundle tend to use glass panels of up to 1.2 metres wide. Glass runs are made up of more than a single sheet. Reasons for gap and spacing are:

  • Lesser chance of trapping fingers between glass, 30mm is wide enough for most fingers to pass through easily.
  • Easier to install.
  1. Continue the process until all glass panels have been fitted
  2. Where the channel sections meet, the glass panel must have an overlap of at least 450mm
  3. If you are finishing with cladding, remove the protective strip from the back of the gasket, then secure it into place on the cladding before fitting.
  4. Secure the cladding to the channel using our double-sided tape (two strips parallel to edge)
  5. If you are not finishing with cladding, you should also use the gasket which pushes into place between the glass and the channel
  6. If you are fitting end caps, use our double-sided tape to fix them to the channel
  7. You can finish your balustrade using our range of split tube handrail fittings


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