Paul Smith, Marketing Manager of F.H. Brundle, asks whether installers are missing a trick in not offering one of the fastest-growing home improvement products – balustrades.

Of the thousands of installers at work up and down the country, the majority are specialists – they do windows, doors, and maybe conservatories.

But in focusing their attention on just those three core fenestration products, are they actually missing out on big opportunities a little outside that comfort zone?

A fast-growing trend

Let’s take glass balustrades as an example. They’re one of the fastest-growing glazing products in Europe, offering high-margins, stylish aesthetics and a sure-fire way of appealing to discerning and aspirational homeowners.

Really, they’re just a natural evolution of the trends we’ve been seeing in architecture and interior design since the early 2000s.

Homeowners, architects and product designers have striven to introduce as much transparent space to houses and gardens as possible.

That fuelled the incredible rise of bi-folds, for instance – and more recently, has seen a surge in the popularity of wide-span sliding doors, that can make virtually a whole wall see-through.

Now, glass balustrades are taking things a step further – by turning barriers that have traditionally often been opaque, like balconies and banisters, into ones that are transparent.

Lighter, brighter homes – and easier installations

It’s an extremely effective way of bringing more light, a greater sense of spaciousness, and minimalistic style to a property – which goes a long way to explaining why the demand for them has risen considerably over the last decade.

But from an installer’s perspective, the best thing about them is if you can already fit something as complicated as a bifold or even a conservatory, then you can easily turn your hand to glass balustrades. There are rules and regulations you’ll need to know to follow, but once you’ve grasped those, you’re good to go.

And at F.H. Brundle, we’ve got an extensive range of quality, installer-friendly glass balustrade products to help you quickly get started in this lucrative, growing market.

Best-in-class balustrades

Take the Slim Channel for example – a great value system that’s quick and easy to install thanks to its pre-drilled channel fixing holes, and offers a satin anodised finish. What’s more, stainless steel cladding isn’t required.

Then there’s PanelGrip, with its patented expanded grip technology which allows for significantly reduced installation times and labour costs.  The only tool you’ll need to align the glass is an Allen key!

But whichever model you choose, customising one to fit you and your customers’ requirements is a breeze thanks to the F.H. Brundle Liveconfigurator™ online configuration tool.

It will save you hours of drawing time and costly mistakes – and best of all, you get a set of CAD drawings totally free.

So if you’re interested in learning more about how F.H. Brundle can help you diversify into this exciting market, get in touch today – call 01708398048, visit or email [email protected]!