Lina Teiserskiene is a team member of the FH Brundle Technical Design Office which is tucked away in Burnley. Much of our time we are closely involved with Mike, Danny, Trevor and the Marketing Department, and we produce customer drawings, CAD, Liveconfigurator, Design Studio and images for our catalogue. We help design new systems and we sometimes come up with original ideas to help our customers.

One of our unique ideas led to the new product we call ‘Sleeve Fit Brackets’ and one of our team, Lina, produced a brilliant animated instruction for it.

Every year Solid Solutions, the suppliers of our software, have an event for the best renders and best animations produced by people using their software, Visualize. This is what they say:

“Over the 2021 (virtual) launch event we ran Render Rumble, a SOLIDWORKS Visualize competition with some amazing prizes. We had a great response with some fantastic entries making it very hard to judge! We were looking for both static renders and animations and judged them both on realism, creativity and composition. To decide the winners our Visuals teams shortlisted the cream of the crop and all employees across Solid Solutions voted for their favourite.”

The Results:

The Winner of the Animation award: Sleeve Fit Brackets by Lina Teiserskiene of FH Brundle.

Solid Solutions said, “We liked this animation, as it was a very clear and easy to follow instruction video with good use of library parts such as Allen keys to really show exactly how to put the handrail together. Well Done Lina!”

Lina, who has been with FH Brundle for over five years, said she was both surprised and amazed, as she never usually wins anything! Lina said, “It is a special honour to be chosen because the judges are all experts in this field.  With the animation I used Visualize and Adobe Premier Pro to add the final touches.”

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