Respected gate hardware supplier F.H. Brundle have expanded their range with the new Locinox locks and closers, making them the UK’s go-to provider of quality Locinox products from stock.

The Excentro hinge set can be adjusted for slopes of anything from 2 to 35 degrees and is suitable for left and right opening gates. Hot-dip galvanised, and with stainless steel components, the product can be used with gates up to 150kg in weight and 1m wide.

The Interio hydraulic gate closer is built into the gate frame for a neat finish. Made of robust powder-coated aluminium for all weather conditions, it offers self-closing up to 125 degrees, as well as an adjustable closing speed and final snap.

The Panther hydraulic gate closer comes in a scratch-resistant and corrosion-free anodised aluminium housing, and can be mounted to posts or walls. It offers adjustable closing speeds and final snap for gates up to 150kg and 1.5m wide.

The Mammoth HD gate closer offers a heavy-duty option, capable of handling gate weights of up to 200kg and 2m wide. Suitable for 40mm profiles, it is self-close at opening angles of 180 degrees, and its closing speed is unaffected by changes in temperature.

Meanwhile, the high-tech Slimstone keypad is made from aluminium and stainless steel, with integrated LED lighting, and the capacity to be easily programmed with up to 100 codes.

If you’d like to learn more about any of these products, or the huge range of other items F.H. Brundle is able to offer, please visit