Paul Smith, Head of Marketing at long-standing F.H. Brundle, explains how the company’s Liveconfigurator™ can help installers capitalise on huge and rising demand for tailored products.

The great British home improvement boom shows little sign of slowing.

With its origins in the rocketing demand that followed the end of the UK’s first national coronavirus lockdown, it made the second half of 2020 one of the busiest and most successful in the sector’s history.

Now, almost a year on, it’s still going – homeowners are still clearly willing to splash some of the estimated £180bn they’ve saved during the pandemic on their properties.

However, that doesn’t mean product suppliers and installers of all kinds aren’t still facing challenges.

Homeowners might be willing to splash the cash – but they’re increasingly demanding about what they want to get in return.

Far from the ‘whatever’s cheapest’ attitude that often prevailed in decades past, today’s consumers want products that aren’t just stylish and long-lasting, but that are somehow unique and customisable, too.

But the vast majority of installers don’t have the luxury of being able to offer one-of-a-kind products within a customer’s budget.

So how do you give them that experience with an off-the-shelf product range?

When it comes to balustrades, at least, the answer is Liveconfigurator™.

Embracing the balustrade boom

An early product to really benefit from the high-end home improvement boom of the 2000s and 2010s was the bifold. Then it was arguably the sliding door – and for over a decade, balustrades have rapidly grown in popularity too.

Homeowners love glass balustrades because they’re stylish, they’re functional and can make a real statement – and because they come with huge opportunities for customisation. It’s to help installers capitalise on their growing popularity that we created our Liveconfigurator™.

Liveconfigurator™ is a user-friendly online platform that lets you quickly and easily design a balustrade to your (and your customer’s) specifications, using standard components.

And best of all, within minutes of completing your design, we send you a full set of CAD drawings FREE and a detailed quotation. Saving you hours of drawing time and ensuring you avoid costly mistakes, it makes designing balustrades a breeze.

You can choose from glass channel, spigots, stand-off adaptors as well as pre-assembled posts where you can select your post centres. The system automatically configures the design to the dimensions you input, and supports layouts that will suit the most common applications.

Then, once you’re finished, it presents you with detailed and accurate technical drawings completely free of charge. It will also produce you a quote in minutes.

All in all, it’s an incredibly powerful tool for helping you capitalise on both booming interest in balustrades, and the ever-growing popularity of more bespoke products.

If you’d like to know more, you can see the Liveconfigurator™ in action at, or speak to F.H. Brundle today – call 01708398048, visit or email [email protected]