Decisions, decisions!

When it comes to securing your property and protecting your privacy, a security fence is often one of the solutions available to us, but what should you consider when choosing your security fencing? It is paramount that the solution you choose not only fulfills your specific security needs and suits your budget, but also complements the surrounding landscape and space around us.

So, where do you start?

First, you need to determine what you are trying to achieve and what you require from your fencing. You then need to carry out an evaluation of the security risk and a reconnaissance of the surroundings will indicate the level of security fence required as well as any environmental requirements. Whether your fencing will be a commercial, industrial, agricultural or domestic application, your selection should be influenced not only by the level of security needed and the surrounding areas, but also street lighting, regional crime rates etc.

Which areas and what type?

Fencing is usually required around the perimeter of a property, but you must consider how the property will be accessed. It is important early in the planning to think about access by introducing gates into the design and how they will be operated.

If you are installing fencing to a commercial unit, a high-level security fence might be required around machinery whilst low risk zones might merely need some lower-level security fencing option, or simply boundary or demarcation fencing.

Do you require privacy or visibility?

Because a security fence must function in conjunction with other security systems such as CCTV, it is crucial to think about whether or not the type of fencing chosen is likely to create blind spots. While solid panel fence provides seclusion for the property, it may cause this problem. V-mesh and prison mesh, which is a tighter knit mesh with strong anti-climb properties, are two choices that give seclusion while functioning well with CCTV.



Trying to keep the noise out?

If you are trying to restrict excess noise levels from leaving or entering your premises, acoustic barriers are a great solution. They not only provide low noise pollution, but also provide excellent privacy and security.


Is additional security required?

Anti-vandal scaling barriers have a role as part of effective perimeter security and the amount of protection your fence will provide can be enhanced with additional security spikes, barbed wire or other AVSB options. Any of these will help prevent criminal damage or unauthorised access.

BEWARE: protect yourself against the law; a warning/danger sign that can easily be seen by everyone must always be displayed.



What about durability?

Another factor to consider will be the durability of the fencing system.  Depending on your applications you’ll need to ensure that your chosen fence will not only last but look good for years to come.

So, what material?

The type of material you use for your fence will again depend on the type of fencing you require and other security systems that are in place, as referred to above. The range of materials is endless, from steel and GRP to WPC/Polymer and aluminium, depending on what you want to keep in or out!

Steel is a popular choice due to its strength and durability and offer the ultimate in security.

GRP (glass reinforced plastic) is strong, but light and highly versatile, as well as being weather resistant. GRP is ideal for where a non-conductive and metal-free material is required.

Newer materials to the market over recent years are WPC/polymer which are long-lasting and low maintenance. Made from recycled materials and eco-friendly, WPC is a versatile recycled composite material that is waterproof, strong and easy to maintain and great for residential and commercial  fencing.

Aluminium is another popular product that is a recent addition to the fencing market, it offers a long-lasting, low-maintenance fencing solution.

At F.H. Brundle we stock the largest range of perimeter protection and fencing in the UK, so whether your application is industrial, commercial or agricultural, we will have a security fencing system suitable to your requirements.