If I asked you to picture what the average ‘70s home looked like inside, I think you’d instantly have a very clear image in your head.

The same would be the case if it was the ‘80s or the ‘90s – each decade had its own distinctive style when it came to home and garden décor, with key features all of us who were around at the time can remember.

So what are the standout features of the design of the 2020s? There are obviously several. But one of the biggest has to be glass – lots of glass.

That’s in no small part why there’s been such a surge of interest in glass balustrades.

Why do people like glass? Because it’s stylish, easily maintained, brings a sense of airiness and space, and, most of all, lets in natural light and makes the most of scenic views.

And why do people like glass balustrades? Because they take the sort of practical, opaque barriers that traditionally blocked out the light and the views and makes them transparent.

Paul Smith, Head of Marketing at F.H. Brundle, explores the rise of glass balustrades, and how F.H. Brundle can make designing them quicker and easier than ever.


A hugely versatile range

Their soaring popularity in recent decades has seen F.H. Brundle supply a growing range of outstanding balustrade products, suitable for a huge array of different projects and properties, as well as budgets.

Pre-assembled post ranges include Timeless with a handrail and Contemplation without a handrail, both of which come with glass clamps and base plates already fitted to save valuable installation time.  Also available are posts for wire rope and crossbar holders.

Posts are available to bolt down, concrete-in and side fix to cover all installation requirements. Available in stainless steel grades 304 & 316 satin finish and mirror polished finish ideal for coastal locations.

With 10mm thickness standard glass panels available from stock, in 100mm increments up to 1100mm width, your installations couldn’t be quicker, easier or more cost-effective.

If you are looking for a glass balustrade that offers uninterrupted views, then look no further than our range of outstanding frameless glass balustrade systems, including Wedge-Loc™, Tilt-Loc™ and Posi-Glaze, providing spectacular results every time. They are quick to install and available as base or side fix options. Finishes are satin anodised, PPC black or a mill finish to powder coat to a colour of your choice.

There is also a choice of easy-to-fit glass spigots, supplied in aluminium or Duplex 2205 (ultra-marine stainless), and glass stand-off adaptors, a discrete and simple way of holding glass panels in place whilst offering a contemporary touch of elegance to glass balustrades, railings or staircases. Available in a satin or mirror finish and now also PPC matt black.

12mm thickness standard glass panels for our frameless glass balustrades are available from stock, in 100mm increments up to 1200mm width.

Glass Spigots

Bespoke Glass

Bespoke glass panels, which can be supplied with radius corners, shaped and drilled, as well as a range of coloured glass, etched glass and self-clean coatings, are also available. Our custom panels are polished on all edges and come with docked corners for safety.

Balustrade Design Made Simple

Even better, we give you an extremely quick and easy way of configuring the perfect balustrade product for the project you’re working on.

Liveconfigurator™ is a user-friendly online platform that lets you quickly and easily design a balustrade to your (and your customer’s) specifications, using standard components.

And best of all, within minutes of completing your design, you will receive a full set of CAD drawings absolutely free, along with a detailed quotation – saving you hours of drawing time and making designing balustrades a breeze.

You can choose from glass channel, spigots, stand-off adaptors as well as pre-assembled posts where you can select your post centres. The system automatically configures the design to the dimensions you input, and supports layouts that will suit the most common applications.

All in all, it’s an incredibly powerful tool for helping you capitalise on both the booming interest in balustrades, and the ever-growing popularity of more bespoke products.

Glass Standoff

If you’d like to know more, you can see the Liveconfigurator™ in action at www.liveconfigurator.co.uk, or speak to F.H. Brundle today – call
01708 39 80 48, visit www.fhbrundle.co.uk or email [email protected]