Design and configure your glass balustrades, with new and improved Liveconfigurator

New and improved Liveconfigurator™

Want a quick and easy way of designing and configuring balustrades and stairways with standard or bespoke glass? Then F.H. Brundle’s new and improved Liveconfigurator™ could be just what you need to help create stunning glass balustrades using our Pro-Railing stainless steel handrail component system.

Free to use and now with configurators for stairways and bespoke glass, this ground-breaking software can help you design and configure your project from start to finish. Within minutes you’ll receive a comprehensive quote pack, complete with parts list, free detailed drawings and 3D visuals, all the time saving drawing time and avoiding costly mistakes.


Our balustrade configurator allows you to choose from a wide range of glass balustrade systems for both indoor and outdoor applications. From pre-assembled posts to frameless glass balustrades, including glass spigots, stand-off adaptors and channel systems, all of which can be configured to your own measurements.

New and improved Liveconfigurator™


Our stairway configurator will help you to design and draw bespoke glass, handrails, posts and fittings for internal and external stairways, according to your own dimensions.

New and improved Liveconfigurator™

Bespoke Glass

Alongside our wide range of stocked standard glass panels, you can now

design your own bespoke glass panels. Our configurator enables you to produce technical drawings for your bespoke glass panels with ease, for both internal and external applications. You can even add up to 14 holes wherever you need them!

New and improved Liveconfigurator™


For decking, our simple-to-use calculator will help you select the number of deck boards and clips you will need. Our range of decking offers a wide choice of eco-friendly composite and aluminium boards and modern colours that will bring your vision to life.

New and improved Liveconfigurator™

How to order
Once you are happy with your designs, or for some help or advice, just give our sales team a call to place your order and they’ll be happy to answer any question you may have.

To try the free Liveconfigurator™ for yourself go to, or speak to F.H. Brundle today on 01708 39 80 48 or visit