Tube clamp application handrail

What are tube clamps made from?

Tube clamps are manufactured from malleable iron, they are usually galvanised and are suitable for and internal and external applications, including marine environments. Tube clamps can also be powder coated to any RAL colour.

Are tube clamps easy to use?

Manufactured with simplicity of use in mind, tube clamps involve no welding, bending, threading or special skills, requiring just an Allen key or ratchet key to tighten grub screws and join galvanised tube in a matter of seconds.

What are tube clamps used for?

Tube clamp fittings are a straightforward and economical way of creating an infinite number of tubular structures, the possibilities are endless. Tube clamp fittings are used in a wide variety of commercial, domestic and temporary or permanent applications.

How durable are tube clamp installations?

Regardless of application, tube clamps are strong, tough and long-lasting with a high corrosion resistance, offering both strength and durability and are an excellent alternative to welding joints which could weaken over time.

Are tube clamps available in different sizes?

Tube clamp fittings are usually available in sizes to fit the following tube diameters, 26.9mm (A type), 33.7mm (B type), 42.4mm (C type), 48.3mm (D type), 60.3mm (E type) and 40 x 40mm square. This comprehensive range of sizes allows them to be used in a wide variety of temporary or permanent applications such as handrails, safety barriers, pedestrian barriers, scaffolds and billboard supports; exhibition stands, sports screens and concert stages as well as goal nets and tennis court enclosures for example.

You can also use tube clamps to construct shop fittings, lighting grids, shelving, storage racks, and even garden toys.

Indeed, the versatility of tube clamps allows you to construct any tubular structure, without compromising on durability or style. The possibilities are endless, only limited by your imagination!

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42.4mm and 48.3mm tube is now also available in RAL colours and mill finish.