F.H. Brundle’s intuitive online Liveconfigurator™ has been helping balustrade designers for years.

Using Pro-Railing components, this user-friendly application has gained a whole range of added functionality.

It already allowed installers to configure balustrades in minutes. However, it can now do the same for stairways, glass panels, and decking.  With new layout options and the opportunity to use our standard glass panels from stock, a complete system can be delivered in days for anyone in a hurry.

Once a customer has designed a project with Liveconfigurator™, they will receive a comprehensive quote pack within minutes, including a 3D CAD model, fully detailed technical drawings, and a parts list – what’s more, it’s all free.

For balustrades, Liveconfigurator™ allows customers to choose from a wide range of systems including pre-assembled posts, frameless glass balustrades, spigots and stand-off systems, for indoor and outdoor use.

For stairways, it draws glass to the correct angles with handrails, bespoke bolt-down posts, and all the fittings to the required dimensions.

Bespoke glass panels can be rectangular or angled and have holes where they are needed, with instant prices available.

For decking, the simple-to-use calculator helps select the number of deck boards and clips needed to complete a project.

Paul Smith, F.H. Brundle Head of Marketing, comments:

“Liveconfigurator™ was already an incredibly useful tool for helping customers design balustrades, by saving time for users, eliminating risks, and avoiding costly mistakes. Creating a wider range of our quality glass systems was a natural next step.”

If you’d like to know more, you can see and try out Liveconfigurator™ in action at www.liveconfigurator.co.uk, or speak to F.H. Brundle today – call 01708398048 or email [email protected]