What is powder coating?

An alternative to paint and one of the most durable finishes, powder coating is an increasingly popular method of providing a protective and decorative coating to many products or equipment. Usually longer lasting than conventional liquid paints, a powder coat is a dry material that will not drip or run upon application. It is longer lasting and offers higher resistance to corrosion, chemicals and impact, providing greater protection from fading and general wear. Most commonly applied to metals such as steel, stainless steel or aluminium. However, the process is also suitable for non-metallic materials such as wood and glass provided the materials being treated can withstand the curing stage without melting or burning.

The powder coat process requires the application of electrostatically charged particles (polymer resin powder and pigment) onto the surface of the cleaned and pre-treated substrate, usually by using a spray gun or in a spray booth, melted and then hardened (curing) in a specially designed oven, resulting in the formation of a protective skin.

Powder Coatings

Advantages of powder coating

The powder coating process is extremely efficient with the majority of projects requiring only one coat, helping to keep cost low. Greater thicknesses can be achieved than with liquid paints, helping meet protective requirements.

Where aesthetics is important, powder coating is the perfect choice, unlike traditional paints, it will not flake or chip and is more corrosion resistant. Powder coating is an excellent choice for applications where aesthetic appeal is important.

Powder coatings can be applied in thicknesses that are not easily achievable through conventional liquid coating methods. It can be manufactured in any RAL colour and in a range of finishes and can be applied for protective or decorative purposes.

Powder Coatings Railings

How durable is powder coating?

This is without a doubt one of the most durable coatings available for a range of materials. It can withstand intense weather and physical force, making it scratch, abrasion, and chip resistant. Although powder coating can last up to 20 years, the product’s lifespan will be affected by certain factors such as the environment, UV exposure, extreme weather conditions and the type of powder coating used.

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Types of powder coatings

  • Epoxies – exceptionally durable, offer excellent hardness they perhaps have the best chemical and corrosion resistance of any powder on the market.
  • Polyesters – the most commonly used powders, offering excellent value for money.
  • Super Durable Polyesters – As the name suggests these excellent value powders offer superior durability when compared with a standard polyester.
  • Epoxy-Polyester Hybrids – these hybrids remain closely related to pure epoxies but offer superior weather resistance properties.
  • Fluoropolymers – typically used in architectural markets due to their phenomenal weathering properties and world-class colourand gloss retention.

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