It’s a sad but unavoidable fact – public buildings are highly visible, likely to be full of expensive equipment, and that makes them an obvious target for thieves and vandals.

Fences are one of the most fundamental forms of security we have available to us in modern construction.

There’s little more effective at preventing burglaries than a physical barrier a would-be criminal can’t pass through and finds hard to climb.

But while everyone probably has a very clear picture in their mind when they hear the word ‘fence’, the reality is surprisingly complicated.

There’s an extensive range of different security fencing solutions on the market today, all of which are suited for different situations.

Here’s our guide to some of the options available, and where they excel.

Palisade gates and fencing

For heavy-duty perimeter protection applications, Palisade gates and fencing are an excellent choice – in fact, it’s thought the Romans used wooden versions to secure their army camps.

Usually made of galvanised steel, Palisade fencing is supplied in kit form, with the vertical pales fixed to two rails running horizontally.

The design allows the fence to be erected so that it can follow the contours of the ground, making it ideal for uneven land.

Palisade fencing presents a formidable barrier to thieves and other intruders, especially when installed at heights of up to 3m.

Available in W or D profiles, it’s topped with a spike that offers a clear deterrent to would be thieves, and some incorporate other forms of anti-vandal scaling barrier as a way of further discouraging potential intruders.

Mesh gates and fencing

Mesh represents another versatile security fencing solution.

Thanks to their welded intersections, mesh gates and fencing are robust and durable, and require little maintenance.

However, they achieve all this without obstructing views – meaning they’re great for areas where you need to retain reasonably good visibility into or even through the fenced area, or where you want a barrier that security cameras can still see through.

However, mesh fencing is also widely used in contexts where safety is a major concern.

‘Safe Top’ mesh fencing features a closed beam section located along the top and bottom edge of the panel with no sharp or raw edges. As such, it’s used extensively in public spaces, schools, sports grounds and playgrounds.

Mesh gates come in single leaves, for pedestrian access, or double leaves, for vehicles and keeping people and vehicles apart.

Nylofor 3M

Controlling access

Another aspect of securing a public sector site is controlling who is allowed in – and that means doors and locks.

Increasing numbers of public buildings are now investing in more high-tech access control systems like keypad locks.

One of the biggest challenges around lockable gates in a public sector environment is the need to keep intruders out of sensitive areas, but allow building occupants to move around the site, and quickly and easily escape in an emergency. 

That’s why we’ve seen the development of products that present external users with a sturdy lock, often with combinations, but internal ones with a clearly-labelled push pad to allow for speedy egress. 

Borg Locks

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