What is a pallet gate?

Pallet gates are an essential safety item specifically designed to provide a safe access solution for factory and warehouse personnel responsible for loading and unloading pallets onto mezzanine floors or raised working platforms and therefore providing a permanent hazard protection when moving goods between different working levels, particularly platforms, and mezzanines. However, pallet gates can also function as a safety barrier to any openings where material/pallet access is required and are also a retrofit solution to existing guardrails where opening protection is required.

How does it work?

Moving pallets around factories and warehouses can pose a number of safety concerns. This is especially true when the worker has to load and unload pallets on mezzanine floors, as this could result in a fall from height.  Pallet gates sit at the edge of the higher level, surrounded by guardrails and safety barriers stopping goods or workers from falling. This system that can be operated by anyone with the “up and over” gate acting as a kind of lock, preventing pallets from being pushed off the floor.

What are the benefits of pallet gates?

A pallet gate’s most significant benefit is that when in use, it provides continuous edge protection. During the loading or unloading, this enclosed gate system protects the open edge at all times. By sitting at the edge of the higher level, a pallet gate surrounded by guardrails and safety barriers will prevent goods or personnel from falling off an exposed edge.

As well as being incredibly versatile, pallet gates are reliable and durable and can easily be designed to complement the workspace. They are also cost effective and easy to maintain.

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Some things you should consider when choosing and installing a pallet gate

There are many types of pallet gates, choosing the one suitable for your requirements can be confusing. So, what should you consider when installing a pallet gate?

  • Available space in the loading area, such as height and depth
  • The environment in which the pallet gate is being fitted
  • Will a forklift or hoist/crane be used for loading/unloading
  • Size of the pallets which will be loaded/unloaded
  • Are multiple pallet gates required?
  • Signposts to pallet gate areas must be installed for workers/visitors

Our pallet gates are designed to fit seamlessly into a guardrail or barrier and toe-board mounted on a mezzanine for safe working at height. In the event of damage from a forklift, the design allows individual components to easily be replaced, using our range of tube clamp fittings.

Our 25PG175 & 25PG175Y pallet gates are suitable for use with our Mezzirail® handrail system.