Industrial & commercial premises

The industrial sector includes a wide range of buildings such as warehouses, chemical plants, MOT centres, factories, agricultural buildings, retail units etc. Industrial flooring can be made of a wide range of materials including concrete, hard-wearing vinyl and rubber flooring, and sometimes even carpet. However, in this blog we’ll narrow our focus to floors that can be used throughout public areas such as metal and GRP flooring for industrial and commercial environments.

The benefits of industrial flooring are great, for example, corrosion and slip resistance, minimal maintenance and durability etc., but which industrial flooring should I choose?

Aluminium Tread Plate

Aluminium tread plate can be used for a wide range of construction and structural purposes, thanks to its lightweight, durable and low maintenance qualities. Its non-slip element and aesthetically pleasing appearance allow it to be widely used as vehicle and industry flooring. It can also be used for shopfitting and interior design applications.

Anti-slip Planking

Used for all types of industrial flooring, mezzanine floor structures, walkways etc. Anti-slip planking offers many advantages, i.e., excellent drainage, low weight, and easy to fit. Anti-slip planking is usually available in galvanised steel, stainless steel, and aluminium options.

Cast Iron Stair Treads & Plates

Cast iron stair treads and landing plates complement any traditional external staircase and fire exit. Landing plates can be cast to order and are manufactured in the same widths as the treads as the perfect complement to building multi-level staircases.

Durbar Sheets & Stair Treads

Because of the raised pattern feature forming a non-slip surface in any direction, Durbar sheets are useful for several purposes, providing a self-draining surface which is easy to clean, reducing corrosion and providing durability. Durbar is suitable for many applications including stairs and walkways, steps and safety platforms, bridges, commercial vehicles, containers, lifts, offshore installations and shipbuilding, cladding and protective barriers.

Safe Load Table

Expanded Metal

Expanded metal flooring has a high anti-slip quality and is mainly used in industrial and factory establishments or where surfaces are particularly productive and require safe and durable flooring. Mesh allows the free flow of water to give natural drainage. Snow, ice and mud break off underfoot to maintain secure footing. Its solid appearance also makes open steel flooring aesthetically pleasing.

GRP Gratings and Treads

GRP (glass reinforced plastic) as a material for flooring, plates and stair treads offers many benefits.  It is corrosion and slip-resistant and can withstand major impacts. It is much lighter than steel and improves safety by reducing the occurrence of slips and falls. GRP flooring also offers fire and chemical resistance, it is suitable for many applications including walkways, ramps, gantries, workstations, platforms and structures, gangways and factory floors.

Benefits of GRP flooring

Open Steel Flooring

Open steel mesh flooring is used extensively in the design and manufacture of raised platforms, mezzanine floors, fire escapes and steel walkways in many industrial and commercial applications.

The rectangular bearer bars of open mesh flooring run the length of the panels. Various depths and patterns are available to satisfy loading requirements and minimum gap distances and all panels are manufactured from mild steel to BS EN 100025-1 S275 JR.

Open steel stair treads are strong, durable and slip resistant; as a result, they are good structural components for fire escapes and platforms.

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Stair Tread Nosing

Stair tread nosing can easily be added to existing stairs. They are cost effective and require minimal work. Highly durable and easy to install non-slip stair tread nosing will help prevent slips and significantly reduces the incidence of falls.


When thinking about which industrial flooring is suitable for your application, the following points should be considered:

  • Type and volume of traffic
  • The intended use of the space
  • Environment conditions
  • Budget

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