At F.H. Brundle we pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality products in the marketplace. Through constant research and development, we can now provide a range of ground screws specifically designed for optimum performance, longevity, and structural integrity.

So why use ground screws for decking?
DIY ground screws are a fast, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly way to create a strong and stable foundation for your decking. Installing DIY ground screws for decking is a simple process that can be done by anyone with basic DIY skills, enabling you to create a strong and stable foundation for your project that will last for many years to come.

Installing ground screws is a very fast process and it takes a matter of minutes to install each one. However, it may take slightly longer if the ground is very dry or contains large amounts of stones, tree roots, etc, but the process is still much faster than installing a concrete base.

Planning your decking project?
It is important to build decking on a strong long-lasting foundation system that can support the weight of the deck and its contents. Galvanised steel DIY ground screws are specifically designed for supporting decking and lightweight structures. If heavy items such as hot tubs or gym equipment are supported by the decking, extra load-bearing capacity can be achieved using professional ground screws.

How do ground screws work?
Ground screws have helical grooves welded on called threads. As torque is applied to the screw the thread drives the screw into the ground, creating large frictional forces. This enables the load of the building to be transferred to the soil surrounding the ground screws. The small amount of torque, generated by a handheld tool, creates a much larger axial force on the load.

The total load-bearing capacity of ground screws is determined predominantly by the surface friction and a small amount of end bearing of the screw.

Do I need to make the site level to use ground screws?
No, ground screws can be installed at varying heights between 50-300mm, avoiding the need to excavate the site. However, you may want to consider the ground conditions and weight of the structure. Be mindful of the loadings required for your project. A lightweight building may only weigh 500KG but if you were to add 10 people on a snowy day then that could become 2500KG.

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