F.H. Brundle Managing Director Michael Brundle explains why he places such importance on offering customers CAD drawings.

At F.H. Brundle, we’re proud to have one of the biggest, most comprehensive ranges of any supplier in Britain.

For over 130 years, it’s meant we’ve supported tens of thousands of customers, and contributed to millions of projects across the UK.

But we know that it’s not just great products that make great service. The best suppliers do everything they can to make their customers’ lives easier.

That’s why, along with one of the most extensive product portfolios in the sector, we offer a huge array of downloadable CAD drawings.

CAD drawings bring big benefits. With them, our architect customers can seamlessly incorporate our products into their projects, and better visualise how they’ll fit in with their designs.

They help make design times much quicker, especially valuable when deadlines are tight, and accurate specifications ensure legislative compliance and reduce the likelihood of errors.

Critically, they also streamline communication between suppliers, architects, engineers and other stakeholders, ensuring projects run smoothly.

Our product range is so vast that we don’t have CAD drawings for all of them. However, our library of 2D and 3D .dwg and .stp files is growing all the time.

When you browse a product on our website, you’ll see .dwg and/or .stp buttons where you can download the files if they’re available, possibly alongside sizing and safety information.

For example, if you visit the BZP Glass Clamp page, you’ll see a Technical Drawings section under the product image.

Here, you’ll find a PDF of sizing information, as well as .dwg and .stp files you can download and incorporate into your designs.

As part of our commitment to constantly improving the service we offer, we’re hard at work expanding our range of CAD drawings and other technical information.

We want to become the most customer-friendly supplier in the sector, and if you have any suggestions about other ways we could improve, don’t hesitate to let us know!

For more information visit www.fhbrundle.co.uk.

NB:  If you are unable to view .dwg files, below is a link to DWGSee, a viewing and editing program that is free to download.


If you don’t want to download the program, you can view the file online by just clicking on the View-online tab on their website and then just drag and drop the .dwg file into it.