This joint customer project was completed using stainless steel posts, components, and handrails from F.H.Brundle, as well as inventory from Origin Architectural.

This fantastic glass balustrade installation was specifically designed to meet building regulations. The balustrade’s total height measured 1100mm from the base of the post to the top of the handrail and with expert guidance from Origin Architectural, the customer incorporated a handrail to enhance safety.

The end customer was required to present her Building Control Officer with a test certificate to demonstrate compliance with all the safety standards required for a domestic balcony protecting a fall of 600mm. The 0.74kN test serves as evidence of adherence to these building standards and regulations, specifically showcasing the balustrade’s capacity to withstand line load tests essential for domestic balconies.

As with all stainless steel products, it needs to be maintained to stop residue from building up and causing the stainless steel to pit and discolour. To ensure the balustrade continues to look as good as the day it was installed, it is recommended that the stainless steel is cleaned 3 or 4 times a year to keep it in tip-top condition. F.H.Brundle’s Pro-Railing Clean and Protect kits will help keep your balustrade looking good all year round.

We think you’ll agree that the end result is absolutely stunning. Another happy customer for F.H.Brundle and Origin Architectural!