806, 2022

Twisted round bars – how do you use yours?

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Whilst it has a host of different uses for its strength, this artistic and unique use of twisted round bars was spotted recently in Florida, giving this eating area a stunning and unique look, almost resembling a birdcage. Our bars may not be as big as those above, but let’s face it, everything is bigger in the USA! Click here to view our range of [...]

106, 2022

Juliet Balconies

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What is a balcony? The Oxford English Dictionary defines balcony as “A platform enclosed by a wall or balustrade on the outside of a building, with access from an upper-floor window or door”, but they are so much more than that. Have you ever wondered how long balconies have existed? A brief history of balconies The earliest examples of balconies are thought to have featured in Ancient Greek architecture although [...]

505, 2022

Which Fencing?

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Decisions, decisions! When it comes to securing your property and protecting your privacy, a security fence is often one of the solutions available to us, but what should you consider when choosing your security fencing? It is paramount that the solution you choose not only fulfills your specific security needs and suits your budget, but also complements the surrounding landscape and space around us. So, where do you start? [...]

205, 2022

Marano® – handrailing made easy

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Paul Smith, Head of Marketing at F.H. Brundle, explains the many benefits of Marano aluminium handrailing. Glass panel railings are a lucrative growth area for thousands of tradespeople around the country – or at least they should be. The love of sleek, elegant barriers that let in natural light and make the most of scenic views is at an all-time high – and that means homeowners are more than [...]

1004, 2022

Are you missing out on the potential of GRP?

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Strong, hard-wearing and versatile, GRP is used extensively all around the globe. Paul Smith, Head of Marketing at F.H. Brundle, makes the case for the ever-popular material. GRP is hardly the most exciting topic in the world, but in the decades since its commercial use has become widespread, it’s proved to be an extraordinarily useful, versatile material, that’s used extensively in a huge array of sectors and settings. Why [...]

3003, 2022

Why choose glass reinforced plastic (GRP) Gratings?

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As well as being versatile and cost effective, GRP ratings are lighter and more durable than steel, offering a high resistance to corrosion. They are fire retardant, chemical resistant and non-conductive with a high strength to weight ratio and require virtually no maintenance.  GRP gratings are suitable for many applications, providing safe and cost-effective anti-slip flooring solutions where long-term performance in aggressive corrosive or chemical environments is required. BENEFITS [...]